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God’s Glory Box is a subscription box for Christians.  I recently ordered one to check it out and I was in love!  The company says this about who their are and their mission: “We are spreading Christian Synergy to  True Christians! First and foremost, we are spreading the word of God’s Glory! Our community also promotes talented Christians and supports Christian businesses. Each month you receivehand selected, high quality, and unique Christian items Products are made by Christians, for Christians! We search the internet for the highest quality, most positive Christian artists, authors, and entertainers and deliver it to your doorstep EVERY month!”

God's Glory Box


When researching the best subscription boxes, I was drawn to God’s Glory Box for several reasons:

  1. Consistent shipping date – they always ship on the 1st – no wondering when to expect your box
  2. Free shipping. If you are shipping to the US there are NO shipping fees ($8 for Canada)
  3. They are spreading God’s love by feeding others!  For each box shipped, they donate 5 meals to Feeding America.
  4. Each box is filled with items to help you glorify God
  5. They support Christian authors, artists and creators and include products made by them.


I received my first box on December 6th and was so excited to dig in to see what was in the box.  Take a look at my “unboxing” my first God’s Glory Box.

I’m such a fan of God’s Glory Box and have even included them on my list of gits for Christian women.  A one month or longer subscription to God’s Glory Box is an amazing gift for the Christian woman (or any Christian) in your life.  If you purchase now, your loved one will receive their first box the first week of January.  You’ll even receive a beautiful, specially-made card to give to your giftee for Christmas.

Here’s the best part, God’s Glory Box has given me a discount code just for Woman of Noble Character readers!  Yes, you can get $5 off a one-month box or $10 off any subscription longer than one month. Isn’t that wonderful and so very generous of them!

Use these codes to get your discount and be sure to let me know when you receive your first box – I can’t wait to hear how much you love it!


noblewoman5 for $5 off a 1 month plan
noblewoman10 for $10 off any long-term plan

God's Glory Box


Want to win the January Box? See what’s inside HERE

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