What the Bible Says about Tears #1

  Tears. They are a part of life.  We cry when we are sad or mourning a loss.  We cry when we are fearful.  We even cry tears of joy.  God created us to experience emotion.  He hears our cry and sees every tear we shed. So where can we find tears in the Bible […]

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Removing the S on My Chest It’s never easy admitting I have taken on too much. It’s never been. I love playing superwoman, that is until I’ve lost my cape of course. The S on my chest burns through my heart. And all I deemed important seems to waste and wither away. I’m slight OCD, […]

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Yahweh As we continue our series on the names of God (previous posts have focused on Jehovah Nissi, Jehovha Rapha, Jehovah Jireh and more) today we will examine Yahweh. Lord, Master, denoting the omnipotence of God, despot, absolute ruler.  Translated most often as I am. Yahweh means “The Lord” – Yahweh is derived from the Hebrew […]

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