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Virtuous wife and entreprenuer

Proverbs 31:24
She makes linen garments and sells them, and supplies the merchants with sashes.

Through our study of Proverbs 31, verse by verse, we are learning quite a bit about this virtuous wife.  In verse 21, we found that  “She makes coverings for her bed; she is clothed in fine linen and purple.” Here, we learn that” She makes linen garments and sells them, and supplies the merchants with sashes.”  How are these verses different?

First, the use of the word linen in verse 24, is a different form that in verse 22. In verse 24, fine linen is  sindonem or sadin.  It represents a finished garment of high quality.  In the previous verse, the fine linen denotes bed coverings and other finished goods, as well as tapestries.  The high quality garments fetch high prices and can be used for selling to increase the family coffers.


Is the Virtuous Wife a Homemaker or Business Woman_


Not only is this virtuous wife an accomplished seamstress, but she is a shrewd business woman, too.

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Let’s look deeper at her business acumen:

This virtuous wife:

1.  Creates goods that are needed (and wanted) by others

2.  Creates high quality goods

3.  Sells her goods and products to the public or to the merchants so that they are available to those who need them

4.  Earns a reasonable profit to benefit of their family (her family and their well-being are always her first priority).

This example shows us clearly that being a biblical ideal wife is not limited to stay-at-home wives and moms. but also those that work out of the home, as well. (or work from home).  God has  a plan for each of us.  We all have different gifts and callings in life.  We are each called to serve in different ways – at home, at church, in ministry and in our professions.  Some of us are called to serve at home.  Some women are called to work outside the home, perhaps to be salt and light in the midst of sin.

What I take from this is that each of us are called to something different.  God prepares us and then He uses us to carry out His will.  So many Christian women that I encounter feel that they cannot be the ideal biblical wife if they are not full-time homemakers.  This is hogwash!  While the woman described in Proverbs 31 is a full-time homemaker, she still contributes to the family finances by selling her goods.  While you may need to work outside the home (or simply want to), you can be just as effective as a Proverbs 31 wife than a full-time homemaker. Your days will look a bit different and you may need to juggle a bit more, but you are just as valuable, just as called and have the opportunity to impact lives for Christ outside of the home.

The only caution that I see is not to take your eyes off of the fact that our first ministry is in the home.  Family needs should come first (after God, of course!), then other priorities can follow.


virtuous wife Proverbs 31_24


The woman of noble character is ingenious and industrious. She is intelligent and diligent. She sees business opportunities and leverages them for the benefit of the family home and bank account. She puts her domestic duties first, serving her husband and children, but has a drive and a passion to contribute in other ways.

She is an enterprising woman. While she may enjoy being a housewife and thrive at it, she strives to use her talents in other ways.  In Proverbs 31:24, she creates and sells fine linens  In today’s world, she may be in direct sales, online coaching, or work outside the home. This woman is entrepreneurial and may be ambitious in her passion to serve her husband and family.

If you work outside of the home, use that as your ministry to share the gospel.  If you are a full-time homemaker, how can you contribute to the family finances?  Can you work a “side hustle” that doesn’t compromise your family ministry? Or perhaps, contributing, in this season of your life, is better managing the resource God has given you.

I encourage you to pray over this and see where God is leading you.

virtuous wife

.Not slothful in business; fervent in spirit; serving the Lord;”   (Romans 12:11) 

Do you think you can be a virtuous wife and work outside the home?  How do you think the virtuous wife is called to serve if she works in a professional capacity?

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Because of Him,


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Is the Proverbs 31 Woman a Homemaker or Entrepreneur or Both_


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