Creative Home Office Organization Tips For a Fun & Functional Space (1)

Wanting to have your own work space at home? Worry no more as you can easily make one without spending too much! We’ve listed some useful tips and inspirations that can help you plan and organize your home office! Read on and choose which fits you best!

How to Setup a Home Office

This is a comprehensive guide on how to start setting up your home office! It offers some of the best ideas that you can use!


How to Setup a Home Office @ https://www.suburbia-unwrapped.com/how-to-set-up-a-home-office/

Tips for Setting up a Homework Station

Another useful guide to hell you create a perfect work station in your home! It will make your planning a lot easier and bearable!


Tips for Setting up a Homework Station @ http://www.centsablemomma.com/tips-for-setting-up-a-homework-station/

Portable Homework Station

This is a useful work station that will contain all your essentials! It is so easy to create using readily available containers you have at home!


Portable Homework Station @ https://musthavemom.com/diy-homework-station-idea-free-app-to-monitor-your-childs-internet-activity/

Industrial Pipe Leg Desk

A unique addition to make your station more beautiful! It will definitely add appeal even in the smallest spaces of your home!


Industrial Pipe Leg Desk @ https://simplydesigning.porch.com/diy-industrial-pipe-leg-desk/

Library Card Drawers

These rustic drawers is such a delight to the eyes! They are so useful that it can be placed in other areas of the house!


Library Card Drawers @ https://organized31.com/library-card-drawers-organize-craft-room/

Industrial DIY Printer Table

A lovely table with a twist of industrial feels! It can be used not only as a printer holder but also as stuff organizers!


Industrial DIY Printer Table @ https://simplydesigning.porch.com/industrial-diy-printer-cart/

Up Cycled Storage Box

Give your old boxes a new life and a different look! This storage box will definitely bring out the creativity in you!


Up cycled Storage Box @ http://myheavenlyrecipes.com/upcycle-cardboard-box-storage/

Pencil Organizers

Transform old tin cans into something cute and useful! This is a perfect organizer that can hold all your writing supplies!


Pencil Organizers @ http://www.momalwaysfindsout.com/upcycling-ideas-for-tin-cans/

Mickey Corkboard

A very stylish, fun, and environment friendly stuff that you can use! It is an easy way to keep notes and remind you of important tasks!


Mickey Corkboard @ https://reusegrowenjoy.com/diy-mickey-cork-board/

Chalkboard Clipboard

An easy and cute way to write on important things and errands! This is a must have to check on the progress of every task!


Chalkboard Clipboard @ http://club.chicacircle.com/chalkboard-back-to-school-clipboard/

Magnetic Board

Another board idea that you can use at your office space! You can decide on the design that will definitely fit your personality!


Magnetic Board @ https://www.findingzest.com/diy-magnetic-board-tutorial/

Display or Art Wall

Make use of your walls to showcase different works! You can place art materials or simply place words of encouragement for the day!


Display or Art Wall @ https://www.ohsosavvymom.com/2014/08/display-kids-art-diy-kids-art-wall/

Recycle Bin

This trash bin is literally recycled from old containers! It is a perfect transformation with added creativity!


Recycle Bin @ https://organized31.com/office-paper-recycling-bins/

Large Photo Frame Wall Clock

Add some spice to your work area! This large clock is an elegant and useful accessory!


Large Photo Wall Clock @ https://artscrackers.com/2013/06/21/large-photo-wall-clock-diy/

Wine Bottle Lamp

This is a unique way to lit up your room! It is amazingly beautiful and at the same time eco friendly!


Wine Bottle Lamp @ https://www.turningclockback.com/how-to-make-a-wine-bottle-lamp/

Chalkboard Organization Labels

These labels are uniquely made to fit in your boxes and stuff! They are adorable and definitely a must have in all areas of your house!


Chalkboard Organization Labels @ http://club.chicacircle.com/chalkboard-organization-labels/

Printable Weekly Schedule

Plan ahead and make the most out of your week! Use this template as a guide and reminder to the different chores to perform!

Printable Weekly Schedules @ http://www.littlehouseliving.com/how-we-keep-it-together-and-free-weekly-planner-templates.html


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