10 Christian Women YouTubers You’ll Want to Check Out



Hello, Sisters in Christ!  Recently, I shared a list of magazines for the Christian women.  I love reading magazines when I can just sit and relax (not that it happens often!), but sometimes you need a boost of encouragement, but can’t focus on reading.  That’s where YouTube is a great choice!  You can click on video and listen while folding laundry, cooking dinner or any of the million other things we do, as women. 

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Below is a list of 10 Christian Women YouTubers that you will want on your “playlist”.  All of the YouTubers are Christian.  All are women.  Each of them brings a different style and personality and chat about different topics.  You’ll find some “seasoned” women, some college-aged – all who love Jesus and sharing with other Christian women.  These Christian women YouTubers are sure to make you laugh, cry and think. 

0 Christian Women YouTubers While I’ve listened to at least one (and in some cases, many more) videos from each of these Christian Women YouTubers, I cannot vouch for all of the videos.  Take a look and listen and let me know your thoughts.

  1. April Cassidy  ( to teach the wives and younger women what it looks like to follow Christ wholeheartedly, to be a godly wife, to honor and respect our husbands and to be fully submitted to Christ as women.)
  2. Vikitabygrace7  (married homeschooling mom shares Bible truths, encouragement and living out your faith)
  3. Heather Lindsey   (modesty, living your life knowing your identity in Christ)
  4. Dephne Madyara  (prayer bible study and lifestyle)
  5. Girl Defined         Just two sisters striving to be God-defined girls in a culture-defined world
  6. Coffee and Bible Time     Christian lifestyle
  7. Anna Willemstein     (devotional) videos for girls & fun weekend videos that are basically lifestyle videos like tutorials, hauls, & routine videos.
  8. Jamie Grace –   music, comedy and Christian topics
  9. Farawaydistance –                    college girl on fire for Jesus faith shares videos as a Christian to spread God’s love to people around the world. 🙂
  10. Katie Gregoire   another college-aged youtuber sharing on relationships, modesty and living your life for Christ

What a great list, right? Who have I missed? Who would you add to the this list of Christian Women YouTubers?

Because of Him,


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