Just imagine how much better life would be if you could walk more closely with God

through your journey on this earth. As Christian women we strive to have a close

relationship with our Heavenly Father, in fact, the Bible, instructs us on this and you

realize that living a life according to Proverbs 31, would bring you closer to Him.

Are you struggling to balance the demands of living life as Proverbs 31 woman with all the other important things in your life?

When you try to do well at everything, do you always seem to drop the ball somewhere?

Have you started to feel resentful and frankly rather fed up with the ever-increasing number of things on your to-do list?


If this sounds like you, my Introduction to Proverbs 31 Course may be just what you need. 

 intro to Proverbs 31


 Just imagine….

  • Walking closer with God
  • Enjoying a more loving, peaceful relationship with your spouse
  • A calmer, less stressed household
  • A happier, more confident you.


If only you could apply the ideal of the Proverbs 31 Woman to your life.

You’ve read about her in Bible studies but you couldn’t see how to actually make the changes to your life.

You imagine viewing your husband and home as your ministry and find joy in the everyday tasks of life instead of resentment and frustration.

Picture being more spiritually attractive and filled with the Holy Spirit.

Envision how your marriage and relationships would improve. They’d be more loving, kinder and you’d appreciate your spouse even more. Less stress, less conflict. Less resentment. More warmth and love between you.


Intro to Proverbs 31 is a 4 module course designed to introduce you to the Proverbs 31 life with training, worksheets and encouragement around your walk with God, your marriage and managing your home.



A “lite” version of our signature program More Than Rubies, which will launch in Spring of 2018, Intro to Proverbs 31 will help you examine where you are now and the step you need to achieve the life you’ve always wanted as a Christian woman and wife.