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We all know that lemons add a tart flavor to pies, teas and hundreds of recipes, but did you know that the bright yellow fruit has dozens of other uses around your home?

From kitchen to garage and from bathroom to closet, the lemon can be used in so many ways.  It is a low-cost solution to many cleaning and beauty problems.  Instead of buying ten different products, try using the lemon and see if you don’t fall in love with its effectiveness, smell and low-cost!


Here are some of my favorites:

    • Polishing silverware and chrome – dip a clean rag in lemon juice and polish gently.
    • Cleaning and deodorizing the garbage disposal – Freeze some lemon juice and/or fresh lemons in water or vinegar in an ice cube tray. Every few days, drop a few in your garbage disposal.
    • Improving mood – Just cut open a lemon and take a few sniffs. (You can use lemon essential oil for this, as well)
    • Shining Faucets – cut a lemon in half and rub on your bathroom or kitchen faucet. It will shine and smell beautiful and fresh!
    • Have fun with the kids and make invisible ink! – Dip a cotton swab or paint brush into lemon juice and write a message on a piece of white paper. After it dries, hold it up to a lamp or light bulb to see your hidden message.
    • For a clean-smelling room – put a few drops of lemon juice in your vacuum bag or canister and vacuum for a fresh smell anywhere
    • Keep rice from sticking – To keep your rice from sticking together in a gloppy mass, add a spoonful of lemon juice to the boiling water when cooking. When the rice is done, let it cool for a few minutes, then fluff with a fork before serving.

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For even more uses for lemons (including uses for them in your beauty routine) check out this great book:

Lemon Magic: 200 Beauty and Household Uses for Lemons and Lemon Juice by Patty Moosbrugger

Add a bag of lemons to your next shopping trip and fall in love with the lemon!

Do you have another great use for the lemon?  Comment below and let us know!





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