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Nightstand Organization Tips.  Most bedrooms are short on storage space.  Sure, you have your dresser and closet, but most of us rely on our nightstands for your nightly glass of water, reading glasses, books, the remote and more. Before I share some of my favorite bedroom nightstand organization tips, we need to start at the beginning – decluttering. If you are seeing a theme here, you are paying attention 🙂 Before any organization project can begin, there are two things you need to do:

  1. Declutter the space
  2. Clean the space

How To Organize Your Nightstand for a More Peaceful Bedroom


For a detailed guide on decluttering, take a look at our previous post The Road to Organization. Once the nightstand is decluttered, you can give it a good cleaning.

The next step is to plan for the space.  What do you need the space to do? What needs to be here?  What makes sense being stored somewhere else?

For most nightstands, there are three areas to consider:  The top, the drawer and the shelf underneath (if you have one).  These areas should be organized by frequently used, regularly used, rarely used items.  The frequently used items should go on top, the regularly in the drawer and the rarely on the shelf below (or somewhere else if it makes sense).

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The top of my nightstand has:

  • A tissue box/holder
  • Phone charger
  • A few books
  • A lamp

How To Organize Your Nightstand for a More Peaceful Bedroom

For me, the nightstand drawer holds:

  • My regular medications
  • Tylenol
  • Pencil
  • Body lotion
  • Hair clips
  • Flashlight
  • Eye mask
  • Extra pair of reading glasses

The shelf on my nightstand stores:

  • My Bible
  • Notebook
  • Can of Febreze (I have dogs and a husband – need I say more?)

Those are the items that MUST be at my ready when I am in bed.  For you, this may be different.  Consider what you might need when in bed or in your bedroom.  Pick up each item and determine:  Do I use this?  Does it need to be here? Does it make sense to store here or should it be stored somewhere else?

So now that you know what has to be kept in your nightstand, you can now look for the appropriate nightstand organization tools.

Nightstand Organization Solutions

Here are a few of my favorites:

For on top of the nightstand:

  • Tissue box holder (it just looks prettier than a cardboard tissue box)

  • Remote organizer (this is great for holding your glasses, remote, etc.)

For in the drawer:

  • Utensil tray

  • Drawer dividers

  • Small baskets (can also be used on top or on the shelf. I prefer them in the drawer as I don’t like clutter and even neat clutter, is clutter to me 🙂 )

For the Shelf:

  • Magazine holder

  • Remote organizer (great for small items)

Do you have a creative nightstand organization solution?  Tell us about it – we’d love to hear from you!

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