Organizing shoes doesn’t normally show up high on the list when clients tell me their biggest organization struggles, but in almost every case, clients have LOVED the results on their closet when they do organize their shoes.

The first step in any organization project is to declutter and purge.  Have you ever dressed in that rockin’ outfit and were ready to hit the town but couldn’t find those amazing shoes that would be PERFECT with that outfit?  Me, too.

Step 1: Organizing Shoes: Purge

So let’s get started and purge your shoes!  Go through the shoes of each person in your family one at a time.  Pull out each pair of shoes and for each one, ask yourself:

Do I LOVE this pair of shoes?  Are they in good condition?  When was the last time I wore these shoes?  Are they worth the valuable space they are taking up?  Do they fit well?  Are they comfortable?  Do I have a similar pair?

Exodus 3:5   Then He said, “Do not come near here; remove your sandals from your feet, for the place on which you are standing is holy ground.”

I know that we NEED five pairs of black shoes (at least!), but make sure that all of the pairs that you keep meet the above criteria.

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organizing shoes

Step 2: Organizing Shoes: Sort

Once you have purged your shoes, sort them into types.  I sort mine by:

  • flip flops
  • sandals
  • flats
  • heels
  • boots (dress)
  • boots (casual)
  • boots (work)
  • sneakers
  • slippers

Step 3: Organizing Shoes: Sort Again (by Color)

Next, sort each of these types by color.

I have my shoes stored on built-in shoe racks in my walk-in closet.  The sneakers and flip flops are on the bottom two shelves.  The next two shelves up, I store my black flats and heels (I wear them the most), as I go up the shelves, I store the rest of my shoes by the frequency that I wear that color.  My lime green and turquoise shoes, for example, are on the top shelf as I wear those the least frequently.

Boots are lined up under my main closet bar. Slippers are on a small shoe rack next to my closet door.  Since I work from home, I wear slippers almost all day everyday!

Step 4: Organizing Shoes: Storage

If you don’t have a built-in shoe rack, there are tons of great options from inexpensive to “sell your first born to afford it”, but most fall between $10-$50 each:

Free standing shoe racks:

Organizing Shoes Rack

organizing shoes 2

Bench-type shoe racks:

organizing shoes bench

Over the door shoe racks:

organizing shoes over the door


organizing shoes cubby

Ok, so now your shoes are purged, sorted and organized and finding that perfect pair for your next event (or hey, food shopping, who am I kidding? :D) will be a breeze.

What now?

Go through the shoes that you have decided you can live without.  If a pair is too far gone, trash them.  If they are in good shape, you can sell them (on a local Facebook Swap Shop, Ebay or other sales site) or donate them.  Many organizations take donations of shoes to provide to someone in need.  You can check with local shelters or Goodwill or try one of these online shoe donation centers:


For more great organizing tips, check out my article on Bedroom Organization.

Don't Miss Out on Any Home Organization Posts & Tips!

Because of Him,

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