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share your blog posts, blog traffic, website traffic

When I started blogging, I expected to write a blog post and have hundreds of people reading my posts right away.  Clearly, that was a bit unrealistic.  As a blogger, we spend hours writing great content and then…crickets…no one is landing on our site or reading our posts.  It can be frustrating or even depressing.  How are some bloggers getting thousands of page views each month or even, each day?  There’s actually quite a bit that goes into gaining traffic and, of course, it starts by writing great content.  Gaining traffic is a complicated and lengthy process and involves, among other things, SEO and backlinks, but for today, let’s start with where to share your blog posts to start getting traffic to your site.

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Before you begin to share your blog posts, you’ll first need to figure out where your ideal audience is “hanging out” online.  There’s a good article on Social Media Examiner that can help with this if you haven’t begun to target your audience’s online habits. How to Research and Locate Your Audience Using Social Media

You’ll also need a social sharing plugin on your website.  I use Simple Share Buttons Adder.  This makes sharing to social media sites as easy as a couple of clicks.  With Simple Share Buttons, when I open a blog post that I’ve written, I’ll see the social media icons on the bottom of the post. (See below:  Did you enjoy this? Please share)  I just click and the plugin will take me to the site that I want to share on.  I’ll need to add a line or two about the post or select where it should go (more on that below), but it’s super simple and takes me about five minutes to share that day’s post across social media.

where to share your blog posts

So, let’s assume that you know where they hang out.  For my audience, I’ve found that they are most likely on Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit and of course, on my own email list. So let’s take a look at some great and easy places to share your blog posts.

Where to Share Your Blog Posts

  1. Facebook

If you have a Facebook page for your blog or business, you’ll, of course, want to share it here, but not just once.  I use the Facebook scheduling tool to schedule a post regularly over the coming weeks and months.  You can also share to your personal Facebook page, but only if the content is something you are comfortable sharing with friends and family.  For example, I recently wrote a post about sex in Christian marriage.  I did not share it to my personal page out of respect for my husband.

Groups are also a great place to share posts.  Look for and join groups that align with your blog mission and interests.  Be sure to read their rules before posting, however, as many have a strong no self-promotion rule.

2) Pinterest

Pinterest is a huge traffic driver to website. There are tons of tips and techniques for using Pinterest as a traffic driver.  I’ll address this in-depth in a future post, but, for now, for each blog post that you write, be sure to create 2-3 eye-catching Pinterest graphics (long pins) using Canva, Designsta or another graphics program.  Both Canva and Designsta have Pinterest long pin templates which make graphic creation a snap!

When you share your post to Pinterest, ensure that the description includes information that will make the reader want to click on your graphic and visit your site. You’ll also want to include hashtags as Pinterest is a search engine as opposed to a social media site.

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3) Twitter

My audience doesn’t seem to spend too much time on Twitter, so I don’t spend much time growing my account. I do, however, share all of my blog posts to Twitter and use hashtags that are related to my post.  Twitter allows photos, as well, which will make your tweet more appealing and stand out.

4) Instagram

I know that people love Instagram, as do I, but I haven’t found it to be a good driver to my website.  Sharing to Instagram isn’t as easy as sharing on other social platforms. You’ll need to create an Instagram-sized graphic or photo and upload using your phone or a scheduler such as Buffer or Hootsuite.  Use story-like descriptions to entice the viewer and use 8-13 hashtags, as recommended.  In order for the links to your site to be clickable, you’ll need to add it to the comments as opposed to the text/description. If you choose to use Instagram as part of your sharing strategy, use high-quality photos and only “promote” your site one out of every five or six posts on Instagram.

5) Reddit

Reddit calls itself “the front page of the internet”.  Users submit links to “subreddits” or sections that meet the post’s topic.  The platform, itself, looks clunky and old school, but I get a lot of traffic from Reddit and post all of my blog posts to it.  Keep in mind that each subreddit has different rules, so you’ll need to become familiar with their rules before posting to one of them.

share your blog posts, blog traffic, website traffic

Tracie Forbes of Penny Pinchin’ Mom and Blog Educator, shared “Reddit is not one that I usually recommend as those people are harsh and they REALLY frown upon self promotion. There are many Facebook groups that offer weekly share threads and those are a great way to make connections” 

6) Tumblr

Tumblr is a microblogging and social meda website that has been in existence for over ten years.  To be honest, I get very little traffic from here, but since sharing is as simple as a couple of clicks, I do share all of my posts to Tumblr using Simple Share Buttons Adder.

7) StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is a discovery engine that finds and recommends web content to users.  I get slightly more traffic from here than Tumblr, but not much.  Again, I share all of my blog posts here due to the simplicity of it.  I figure that the more chances for people to find my content, the better.

8) Your Email List or Subscribers

You may have heard the saying “the money is in the list”.  Whether you are monetizing your site or not, you’ll want to build a list of loyal followers and subscribers.  I’ll be covering growing your list in a future post, but for now, I recommend sending a weekly “round up” of all of the blog posts you have published that week. I get tons of visits to my website on the days that I send round ups to my readers.

In future posts, I’ll be sharing, in-depth, on places and unique ways to share your blog posts.

Since I shared in my post about my blogging journey, I’ll share with you my followers as of this writing.  Please note, that this site, Woman of Noble Character, has only been in existence for five months. I had a site in a different niche a couple of years back that I grew substantially. I am using the same principles to build this site’s followers and traffic as I did the last one.

Email subscribers: 1355

Facebook Followers: 2875

Since the other platforms above are either new to me or don’t count followers, I haven’t shared them.

Where do you share your blog posts?  What would you add to this list?

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Susan is a writer, speaker and the creator of Women of Noble Character ministries. She is passionate about helping Christian women live a Proverbs 31 life in today’s world. The Lord laid upon her heart to serve women to grow in Christ, improve their marriages and manage their homes stress-free. She provides tools and resources on her website for Christian women to grow in their faith, deepen their relationship with their husbands and manage their homes well.

She lives in rural North Central Missouri with her handsome and hilarious husband and a myriad of dogs, cats and chickens.

Susan runs on Jesus, coffee and not enough sleep.