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Bethany Davenport and Summer of ’67
Bethany Davenport Summer of '67 actress (1)

God Opens Doors

It’s funny how God puts you in contact with certain people in His perfect timing.
I met director Sharon Wilharm in a writing group that I belong to.  We chatted and she shared about her new movie, Summer of ’67, which will be released this summer.  Sharon, a committed Christian, has a production company, Mainstreet Productions, which has a number of movies already under their belt.  Many of the films are faith-based, some are not.  I would say that Summer of ’67 is somewhere in between.
Excited about the movie, Sharon asked me if I’d like to interview the four leading actresses in Summer of ’67 for a blog series. Always up for a challenge and with a desire to bring great, fresh content to my audience, I jumped at the chance.  I also have the pleasure of interviewing Ms. Wilharm for a feature post.
 Bethany Davenport Summer of '67 movie

Summer of ’67 Movie

According to the movie’s website, Summer of ’67 is:
Based on real life events, Summer of ’67  brings to life the turbulent times of the sixties and the struggles faced by the men and women impacted by the Vietnam War. Young wife and mother Milly (Rachel Schrey) is forced to live with her mother-in-law while her husband Gerald (Cameron Gilliam) is away on the USS Forrestal. Kate (Bethany Davenport) must choose between Peter (Christopher Dalton) her high school sweetheart and Van (Sam Brooks) her new hippie boyfriend. Ruby Mae (Sharonne Lanier) finally finds true love with Reggie (Jerrold Edwards) only to have him whisked away by the draft. Each woman faces the question of whether or not their man will return, and even if he does, will life as they know it ever be the same?
The trailer of the film is below.  You will definitely want to put this movie on your “must-see” list for this summer!

Bethany Davenport

The first actress that I interviewed for this series is Bethany Davenport.  Bethany portrays Kate in the movie.
Bethany Davenport Summer of '67 film
Bethany Davenport is an actress that is living her childhood dream. She discovered her love for acting in middle school. Due to a shy personality and her parents’ concern about the practicality of this dream, she went to college and got an education degree instead. Soon after, she married her college sweetheart. Still not being able to let go of this secret desire, she told her husband about her acting dream, and he suggested she to go for it. Bethany enrolled in acting classes, quit her full time job, and got an agent. Within a year of making this decision, she booked her first feature film role as a lead in “Summer of ’67” (Mainstreet Productions) and hasn’t looked back. Bethany has been able to participate in several films, commercials, a TV show, music videos, and industrials. She is excited to see what is in store for the future! Her husband has been her biggest support in all of this, and her parents are her biggest fans.
Bethany is an absolute delight and the opposite of what you’d expect a movie actress to be.  She is warm, funny and shares her passion for God in all of her endeavors.
In our chat Bethany shares her testimony, how she got started in acting and how she maintains her Christian values in an industry with a reputation for liberalism. 

Here are some highlights of my chat with Bethany Davenport:

Sue: So tell us about a little bit you, your career, your family, your life.
Bethany: It’s not too much to tell, I am married and I have my two cats… We’re are just a little family right now. And yeah, my parents and I have a brother and sister and they’re all very excited about all of this stuff that’s happening out right now. It’s still pretty new to us. Uhh…
Sue:  Could you tell us a little bit about your testimony of your faith?
Bethany: Sure, Yeah. Uhm. I think when it comes to that there isn’t really one story, I feel like of… My dad tells me that the first time that I accepted Christ I was about 4 years old and That is something I don’t really have any recollection of. He remembers it Very Well… The First time I remember making that decision for myself and, you know, just being filled with the spirit and just confessing the faith. And saying “Lord Come into my Heart” was probably when I was six years old. And Yeah, I just, I remember I was just like sweeping the playroom but we had, suddenly just like, “Ahhh”, I need to pray right now and there was just kind of series of decisions coming up you keep renewing that and rededicating myself to it.
Sue: That’s something we always do no matter how long we’ve been going us, we need to change or rededicate ourselves so. And I think it’s always special, you remember that from the time as a child.
Sue: Interesting…, Could you us a little overview, of what the movie is about?
Bethany: Sure, yes. So summer of 67 is a Vietnam War story and it takes place during that time and the late 60’s, obviously 67 and it follow 3 different women who throughout the course of the film. Each have a person dear to their hearts fighting overseas and it follows them as they are at home, now waiting to hear, wondering what’s happening and just… Uhm Yeah, Just kind of breaking down that journey. It’s not that really so much about the war over there, It’s about how it impacts people at home.
Sue: Now, it is made by the Faith flix, right?
Bethany: Yes, it is made by faith flix. And it is their first movie that isn’t overly faith based. And it… They’ve shifted everything over to now they have to a newer production company called Mainstreet productions and that’s the uhm …. Under is Mainstreet productions but also something modified faithful as well.
Sue: Great, So tell me more about Kate.
Bethany: Kate is very, she’s one of those people that isn’t a friendly person of what she actually thinks. She’s one of those people that when she doesn’t wanna be around you she’s very clear about that. And she’s kind of free spirited a little bit and kind of, uhm, has no hard time really attaching to other people, she’s very close to her sister and she’s kind of a daddy’s girl, but other than that it’s hard for her to let people in. And that is so very interesting to get to explore…
Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the whole conversation that I had with Bethany.  


Bethany’s Acting Resume Includes:

 “Me Too” music video by Haley & Michaels (Rachel Schrey, who will be featured in a Woman of Noble Character interview to be published June 6th, is also in this video).

Bethany also starred in the short film “Bump” by Sheepshed Entertainment. We chat a bit about the movie in our interview.  “Bump”, set in an unspecified time in the future, centers around Kate.  When Kate discovers the cause of her recent weight gain, she must hide her pregnancy or risk getting taken away from her husband. But one can only hide a pregnant belly for so long.  “Bump” explores the consequences of what happens when a government plays God and controls who can and cannot conceive.The goal of this film is to prompt deep discussions about the sanctity of life. All life is to be protected, from conception to old age.

“For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.” Psalm 139:13

Where to Find Bethany Davenport Online:

Check out Bethany’s Vlog about the making of Summer of ’67
Did you enjoy getting to know Bethany Davenport, Christian actress and amazing young woman?  Tell me in the comments. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this up and coming young actress.
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Bethany Davenport Summer of '67 movie
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