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Bible Study

The Tribe of Levi

An image of the Jewish priest in the Holy Place - The Tribe of Levi

Continuing our series on the Twelve Tribes of Israel (We have previously shared the Tribe of Reuben and the Tribe of Simeon), today, we turn our attention to the Tribe of Levi, often considered the “chosen tribe” Who was Levi in the Bible?   Levi, the third-born son to Jacob, mothered by Leah, and the […]

Simple Bible Study Method & 26 Questions For Studying God’s Word

A woman sitting at a desk with a computer and notebook studying and a text overlay that reads Simple Bible Study Method and 26 Questions to Study God's Word

Each day, I receive emails or messages from women who desire to read and understand the Bible more. They yearn to grow closer to God through His Word, but, often don’t know where to begin.   While you can purchase Bible studies (or find dozens of free Bible studies online), the best place to start […]

The Tribe of Simeon: History, Territory & 4 Lessons We can Learn

An image of the Israeli desert with a text overlay that reads "The Tribe of Simeon - History, Territory and 4 Lessons

Continuing ourt series on the 12 Tribes of Israel, we turn our focus to the second son of Jacob by Leah, Simeon. (See this post for the Tribe of Reuben in the Bible).   “His name come from the Hebrew word shaama, which means “hear”.     “She conceived again, and when she gave birth to […]

Over 100 Wonderful Free Online Bible Studies for Women

free online Bible studies

I love sharing great resources for Christian women including free Bible studies for women and other amazing products and services that I feel would bless my readers. In this post, I am sharing a list of wonderful free online Bible studies for women.   Whether you are a new believer or seek to grow in […]