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Bible Study

Writing Scripture: Why it Helps to Grow Your Faith

How Writing Scripture can improve your Faith life

Writing Scripture Hello, Sweet Sisters in Christ!   Do you include writing scripture in your quiet time with God? If not, you may want to consider adding writing scripture to your worship time. Each morning, I read a short devotional and write that day’s verses in my journal. Then, I pray over them and ask […]

15 Beautiful Bible Verses To Encourage You During Difficult Times

Bible Verses for Encouragement in Difficult Times

Bible Verses to Encourage You Bible verses to encourage you: We all face difficult times in this life. While we all wish that each day was smooth sailing, that is not reality. As Christians, we are to thank God in all circumstances – even, especially the tough ones. I find that praying over scripture during […]

15 Amazing Benefits of Reading the Bible

15 Benefits of Reading the Bible 1

Benefits of Reading the Bible     The benefits of reading the Bible. While there are numerous ways that reading the Bible brings us closer to God and benefits us daily. Here are a few that I keep close to my heart and serve as reminders for me to stay in the Word on a daily […]