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6 Tips for Getting Your home and counter ready for company (1)


6 Tips Getting Your House Ready In A Flash


Premier Surfaces Kansas City kitchen counter

Image: Premier Surfaces

Whenever I have company over, keeping our house clean and ready can be a bit of a challenge. What’s the company ready for? It’s having your home ready for guests to come over which means inviting smells to welcome them through the door, good food to help them feel at home, tidy rooms and of course, a quality bible study where we can feel free to share our ideas and wisdom together. Since my family and I live in our house ( and it can really be dropping things everywhere ) ! I’ve found a lot of go-to tips and tricks to make sure my home is ready in just a few minutes for anyone who may be stopping by unannounced or for those planned gatherings that you have.


  1. Make your Home Smell Inviting– One of the easiest ways to make your guests feel welcome the second they walk through the door is an inviting smelling house. When your house smells fresh you can pair it with one of your favorite seasonal scents guests will feel extra special. It’s as if you spent all day cleaning just for them. A delicious smelling candle sends things over the top for a cozy and warm feeling that everyone can appreciate, especially during colder months.
  2. Enjoy Easy Prepared Snacks– Whenever we have company over, we usually end up in the kitchen. It’s where I lay out food and it’s a central place on our home. Instead of panicking if surprise guests come, I always have a selection of easy appetizers, snacks, desserts and drinks on hand on a moments notice. My favorite appetizers are a cheese board. Everyone loves them and super easy to refill when you need to with grapes, cheeses and crackers.
  3. Set Out A Bouquet Of Fresh Flowers– Even a single stem on the nightstand, bathroom vanity or just on a bathroom vanity will do. Extra touches make your guests feel welcome, invited and open to stay a while.
  4. Grab Baskets To Help With Clutter– Whenever guests come over I try to put everything away quickly. What helps with that? Baskets! I usually have a few in a closet and put everything that doesn’t have a ‘home’ in the basket to put under the bed until I can get it at another time.
  5. Cleaning Schedule – Sometimes at last minute, a mad dash to clean my house is not something I’m able to do. To help combat the mess, I try to stick to a cleaning schedule. Day to day messed can be dealt with easily and I don’t look like a hot mess because I don’t have time to freshen up.


Premier Surfaces Kansas City kitchen counter

Image: Premier Surfaces

6. Cleaning Counters – One of the easiest things I can do to keep my counters clean is run a damp towel over the counter tops quickly to gather up crumbs quickly. One of my favorite countertop companies if from Kansas Mo Premier Surfaces.  They offer natural stone, quartz or solid surfaces to choose from and they are always happy to help pick the perfect counter for your kitchen, outdoor kitchen or bathroom needs. The company has lots of showrooms who’s ready to add style and resale value to your kitchen and bathroom too. They have quality marble that can help you achieve your design needs, with a lot of great value and excellent customer service. When looking at the best counters in the Missouri area, this will be your best bet to get quality, worth investing countertops for your kitchen and better yet, for your family and friends to enjoy year after year.


So the next time you’re getting ready for a small group of friends to come over, or those last minute guests that stop by, your house will be ready to go thanks to these easy tips. I’m sure there are several other great tips out there as well to help keep your house looking and smelling it’s best. Getting your house ready in a flash will only take minutes.

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