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Praying for your husband challenge


Praying for your husband.  

Have you ever driven by a home that is in shambles? Shutters hanging off, moss on the siding, weeds overtaking the front door?

I’ve often wondered about those homes and the lives of the families in them. Did the family lose their home to foreclosure? Did the elderly owner pass away? What causes someone to abandon their home?

When there is no longer someone living in and caring for a home, the home starts to fall into disrepair The same can be said for marriages. Sure, you may be going through the motions, maybe you are even happy, but if you aren’t regularly praying for your husband and your marriage, wear and tear can start to appear.

When you hold your husband and parts of his life up to God in prayer, you and God are focusing on growing that area and keeping it in good repair. It’s easy to fall into a rut. Things are going along fine. Your husband is working, you go to weekly church services, you might even have regular date nights, but without prayer, the hinges may start to get creaky. I’ve spoken to many women who have shared with me that during rocky times in their marriages, when looking back, they realized or noted, that they hadn’t been praying for their husbands or their marriages.
It’s really the easiest thing to let slip, isn’t it? We get so tied up in our daily lives and responsibilities that we pray less and less. God takes a back seat to our busyness of life. I beg you, dear friend, do not let that happen to you.

Make prayer a non-negotiable part of your day!

Each morning, I do three things over coffee:

✓ Write scripture in a prayer journal

✓ Bible study 

✓ Pray.


I also pray when I’m in the car alone and throughout the day, having a conversation with God. At night, with my husband and alone, as I drift off to sleep. He is the last thing on my mind. Of course, we pray for blessings over meals, as well.

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I have a very strong marriage and I am very thankful for that, but I strongly believe that it is, in part, due to the constant prayer that I hold up to God on behalf of my husband and my marriage.
If you aren’t regularly praying over your husband and your marriage, I encourage you to begin  Not sure where to start?  Join my Praying for Your Husband 8 Day Prayer Challenge to begin on March 1st.

Upon joining you will receive a welcome email providing all of the details.  Each day, for 8 days, beginning March 1st, you will receive a daily email which will include:

  • Relevant Scripture
  • Information on the challenge
  • A prayer for your husband
  • Journaling questions
  • Music related to Christian marriage

On day 9, you will receive an email with bonus material including scripture memory cards, a coloring page, printable poster and bookmarks – all designed to remind you to pray daily for your husband.  The challenge is free.  The prayer for your husband is priceless.  Won’t you join us?


If you missed the Gratitude Challenge, you can join at any time. It’s a free 7 day challenge to help you cultivate a heart of gratitude.  Learn more by clicking HERE (it starts the day you enroll)

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