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Cindy Laczynski, Life Coach and Inspiring Christian woman and business owner.

Cindy Laczynski is married to Todd, and mother to Brayden 1, Aubrey 2, Bo 18, and step mom to Bailey 22.  Let’s not forget her dog, Toby.  She is a Christian life coach who loves to inspire, encourage, and equip women to stand in their calling.  Purposefully Designed Women is her ministry, and through that God has been going great things.  

I’ve known Cindy, online, for awhile now and love her passion for Jesus and for helping Christian women find their purpose.  I know you are just going to love this beautiful and inspiring Christian woman.

Here’s a bit of our chat, watch the video below to see/hear the entire interview with this beautiful daughter of God.


Would you share a little bit with us about your testimony?


Sure… You know, I would say, you know I would say…You kind of heard me I have a son prior to, my two little’s right here. I was a single mom for over 10 years, and, you know a lot had happened during that time. I really, really, that’s when I dived in to my walk with God. I really I identified of who he is, my parents would say I became “religious”, right. My family didn’t really…

They know God, they have a relationship with him, which we all do. But they didn’t understand why I was really following the path, why I wasn’t moving in with my boyfriend. But I was choosing to abstain, until we got married. You know, all those questions were mind blowing to them, okay, like. I was looked down upon whereas my sister was living with her boyfriend. You know, like all of these other things, and I’m like. Okay I am here raising a son and I‘m trying to raise him with Godly Standards. I want to be the example that he sees right? Because, say you do. Right? You say it, you need to do it. You say you do. So that is something that really stuck with me and that was something like. If there’s anything I could give him. You know, it is going to be a firm foundation on what to stand on. You know, and so. I know he was he was young and a lot of that he really doesn’t remember.

But you know, just going back to say this is. Now that he is eighteen. I remember this, I remember that, you know. And so, it’s a really been a powerful testimony with that. And also. Just to give you some nuggets. My Husband, his oldest son, ended up passing away from brain cancer. So he’d been through that. We’ve been through blending families. We’ve been through lots of a child, babies… But um, we’ve kind of been through a lot. My daughter, she’s two we found out that she has a tumor in her brain, thank the Lord it is not cancerous. So there’s… We’ve had a row, we’ve had a row. That God’s is just you know.

We don’t live a life without struggle, but you know what. We know who our God is and we stay true to that and that we own that. And so, you know. Along the path I’ve learned that, through life and testimony that, were going to go through it. We’re going to go to the thick of it. And somewhere along that I started to getting to a place that I was just surviving. And I was like, this isn’t it, right? And then, while along through that path is where God came in. And I was like, “No. I got more for you. I got more for you and I need you to take you out of this.” You know. So that’s when the road really started to change, that’s where my brain started opening up to new and exciting things and Here we are today.

Cindy Laczynski


There you go. Listening to you talk, and we can talk about this another time off-camera. But we have a lot of similarities. In our stories. And I was a single mom for many years, and that’s when God did, I think his loudest calling to me. When he shouted from the rooftops, “You’re mine and you need to live like you’re mine.” And um, so, anyway. But um, thank you for sharing that, thank you for um, shining the light on him, it think. It’s really special.


Absolutely, that’s where the credit goes.


Absolutely. But let’s talk a little bit about, what you do as a life coach? Tell us a little bit about what that entails and what kind of work you do with women who decide to work with you.


Okay. So while starting off, you know, there so many… A lot of women don’t know exactly which direction they go. They just, feel like they’re just calling into something. They feel, God gives me the words to put down, right? He gives us what to say, right? And through that I feel like we attract the ladies, that (are meant) were meant to serve. And through that I know I’m meant to serve women that are really seeking their calling, really seeking to do something better with their lives whether they already have the idea or they’re still trying to fine tune that, you know. And so I take them through a biblical process where we dive in to God’s word. We’re spending, you’re spending quality time with God, like this is part of it, you know. I don’t ever say, Okay were just going to focus on branding, or were going to focus on what you want to do.

I want to make sure that God has shown and is speaking, truly speaking into our lives and so that is I say the forefront of the beginning of my programs and all my coaching, and I’m like you’re going to spend a lot of time with that. And this is, this is the heavy lifting. Everything else is just added to it. This is where, this is where, and all are coming into life. You know, you and that time with God, so journaling, scripture and meditation. And just really being in that quiet time with God is what I focus the most and then that’s where I come back to. What scriptures are really touching you right now? You know and from there I just, you know. We move. We move and that has been one of the big key things that helped me, really help my clients. I have breakthroughs in which direction to go. Because when you decide, when you finally get that “aha”, that key moment.

Cindy Laczynski

You can catch the entire chat below.  Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!


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