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Free Weekly Cleaning Checklists to Keep Your Home in Top Shape

weekly cleaning checklists

  Weekly Cleaning Checklists – YAY! So, I’m a bit obsessive when it comes to cleaning. My family jokes about it. No, my house isn’t always sparkly clean (I do have three dogs and four cats), but I am rather particular about cleanliness in my home I’m also obsessive when it comes to lists and organization. […]

Spring Cleaning and What The Bible Says About it to Encourage You

Master Spring Cleaning Checklist spring cleaning free printable Bible verses for spring cleaning

Ahhh, March is here! For many, it’s time to think about spring cleaning. As you know, spring cleaning is the practice of deep or thoroughly cleaning a house or other area. With spring comes newness and fresh air. Time to open the windows and let in spring breezes. If you are a regular reader, you […]