Faith & Friends Book Club for Christian Women

If you are looking for a warm, friendly place to discuss great Christian books with friends, you will love our book club, Faith & Friends Book Club for Christian women.

No need to leave the house in the cold of winter or the heat of summer! We’ll meet online in a private Facebook group (on your own schedule) and share lively discussion on Christian fiction and non-fiction books.

Faith and Friends Book Club for Christian women

Each week, we’ll share:

  • Discussions on the book and characters
  • How the content applies to your spiritual life
  • A fun freebie about the book (bookmarks, word searches, crossword puzzles, coloring sheets, etc.)

We’ll also host authors to discuss their book and answer your burning questions about the characters, story lines and upcoming books. And, many book selections will also include a study guide for deeper insight.  All activities are optional.

Books can be borrowed from a friend or the library or purchased.  When possible, we’ll offer discounts on the book selections.

October Faith & Friends Book Club for Christian Women Selection

Hidden Among the Stars is historical fiction, but written in a split setting format (called time-slip fiction):  half takes place just before and at the start of World War II and half in current times.  

I loved how the story connected rich characters from Austria in WWII with characters set in modern day.  There were twists and turns and several times, I gasped out loud when the plot line took me to unexpected places.  

The Christian faith and God’s plan is woven throughout Hidden Among the Stars in a masterful way. It makes sense without being preachy.

You can find the book at major booksellers or on Amazon by clicking the image below.

September Faith & Friends Book Club for Christian Women Selection

I’m so excited to announce that in September we will be reading and discussing my book, The Complete Proverbs 31 Woman:  A Verse by Verse Exploration of What it Means to be a Proverbs 31 Woman in Today’s World.

The Complete Proverbs 31 Woman
The Complete Proverbs 31 Woman: A Verse by Verse Exploration of What it Means to Be a Proverbs 31 Woman in Today’s World

Here’s a bit about the book:

In our modern society, many scoff at the idea of the Proverbs 31 woman. They say that it does not relate to women today. I wholeheartedly disagree.
The Proverbs 31 wife is alive, well, and living in your city or town.
She is the one that has a three-cord strand marriage with God at the center.

As we go, verse by verse through Proverbs 31:10-31, it is my desire that you find the Proverbs 31 woman within you.

This book includes a study guide at the end of each chapter to help you to dig deeper and apply these verses to your life.

Here’s what two readers had to say:

“Proverbs 31 Woman blessed me tremendously! I was a woman who had to have things my way. This awesome book opened my eyes to how selfish I was and why I was reaping so much negative things. I had an exscuse for everything, but this book made me face those exscuses and change them. Can’t wait to read more of your awesome work Ms. Susan!” – Patrice B


The book covers truths for each verse. I love how Susan takes each characteristic and dive deeper on what each looks like. She connects the Proverbs 31 woman to today’s women in practical ways. If you are looking for more than just a guide, this is the book for you. Not only is it a self help style but also a deeper study. – Amazon Customer

Discussion for this book begins on September 3rd.  We hope to see you there (to join go HERE).  See the FAQ below.

August Faith & Friends Book Club for Christian Women Selection

In August, we will be reading our fiction selection, Isaiah’s Daughter: A Novel of Prophets and Kings by Mesu Andrews

In this epic Biblical narrative, ideal for fans of The Bible miniseries, a young woman taken into the prophet Isaiah’s household rises to capture the heart of the future king. 
Isaiah adopts Ishma, giving her a new name–Zibah, delight of the Lord–thereby ensuring her royal pedigree. Ishma came to the prophet’s home, devastated after watching her family destroyed and living as a captive. But as the years pass, Zibah’s lively spirit wins Prince Hezekiah’s favor, a boy determined to rebuild the kingdom his father has nearly destroyed. But loving this man will awake in her all the fears and pain of her past and she must turn to the only One who can give life, calm her fears, and deliver a nation. 

To join us, grab your copy of the book (via the Amazon link below, at your local library or other favorite bookseller) and join us in the Facebook group.

The book discussion will start on August 6th.

July Faith & Friends Book Club for Christian Women Selection

In July, we will be reading Finding the Love of Jesus from Genesis to Revelation, our first non-fiction book club selection.

Turn Bible Reading from a Duty into a Delight

Far too often, reading the Bible seems like just another obligation to check off your to-do list. But the Bible is so much more than a boring book of rules and regulations and stories of plagues and punishments.

The entire Bible is a love story, and every chapter is a scene in the epic romance between God and humanity. In this sweeping overview of the Bible, Elyse Fitzpatrick reveals how each section–the Law, history, poetry, and epistles–points to God’s eternal love for you and the good news of redemption through Christ. You’ll find yourself drawn to the Bible like never before as you begin to see Jesus on every page.

My review for this book will be published on June 20th.  You can click the links below to order the books or find them on the book review post.

Paperback Edition

Kindle Edition

June Faith & Friends Book Club for Christian Women Selection

Our first Faith & Friend Book Club selection will be The Heart’s Appeal by Jennifer Delamere. This wonderful, richly written historical fiction is part romance, part drama and is written in Victorian age London as the backdrop.  While this is the second book in the series by Ms. Delamere, you do not need to read the first one to enjoy this one.  You can read my review HERE.  If you plan on ordering the book, you can click on the links below or on the book review page for this title.

We have confirmed that the author will be joining us for a live Facebook chat.  During the chat, we’ll be having some great giveaways that you won’t want to miss!!

Date and time to be announced in the Facebook Group.

 Paperback version

 Kindle version 


Have more questions?  See our Frequently Asked Questions below:

Frequently Asked Questions about the Faith & Friends Book Club for Christian Women

What are you reading this month?

In June, we’ll be reading The Heart’s Appeal by Jennifer Delamere.  

Our next book selection will be posted here and in the private Facebook group.  (We have yet to decide if the book club will be monthly or bi-monthly – stay tuned)

Do we need to purchase a workbook or study guide for the book club?

Nope!  All materials and discussions are provided free in the Facebook Group. Some content will be free downloads for you to enjoy outside of our study.  

Where do I get the books?

You will get your own copies of the books. If you can borrow from the library or a friend, great.  If not, you can find links to the books on Amazon (both Kindle and print versions) on this page and the blog post announcing the upcoming book selection. The book club is free, but purchasing through the links on our site gives us a small commission at no cost to you (less than .30 in most cases) and supports the technology and other resource required to offer this program.

How do I join?

Just click the link to register:  JOIN HERE

Will there be any live discussions? How do I participate in the discussions?

All book discussions will take place in the Facebook group in posts and threads.  Author visits will be live (also in the group) and announced at the beginning of the month.  Occasionally, we may hold bonus Facebook live discussions and encourage you to join to discuss the book.  The best part about the Faith & Friends Book Club for Christian Women?  I recognize that we are busy Christian wives and moms and that you can’t always make a “meeting” on a particular day and time.  Our club will be there when you have time.  Just jump into the discussion in the group and enjoy the free resource materials that support the book if you’d like.  None of the resources are required.  They are provided just for your further exploration and enjoyment of the book.

Can I add my friends to the group?

I love that you are excited for our Faith & Friends book club, but no one likes to be added to a Facebook group without their permission.  Feel free to share with your friends the link to this page or the blog post about that month’s book selection so they can learn more and request to join the group if they would like.

Christian Book Club for women online

Can I make a suggestion for a future book club selection?

Absolutely!  In the Facebook group files section, you will find two documents.  One is for Christian fiction and one is for Christian non-fiction.  Simply add your suggestion to the appropriate list and we will consider all suggestions when making choices on upcoming book selections.

Can I suggest a Bible Study for a future book selection?

At this time, we will not be working through Bible studies.  If there is sufficient interest, we may, at some point in the future offer Bible studies, as well.

We hope you’ll enjoy reading and discussing Christian fiction and non-fiction books with us in the Faith & Friends Book Club for Christian Women!

Because of Him,