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Jonathan park

Everywhere we look or listen, we hear media filled with immorality, the glorification of self, violence and drugs and sex.  As a parent, it is our duty to fill our children up with positive messages. Messages and media that point to God, not earthly things and certainly not vulgar things.  As it is, children hear more than their fair share of this is school and other public places.  What is a parent to do?

When my children were growing up, we spent a lot of time in the car.  We had church, sports, errands and appointments.  That’s a lot of car time.  I made it a point to allow my children only three things to listen to in the car:  

  1. Christian radio
  2. Audio books
  3. Conversation

For audio books, we listened to countless hours of Adventures in Odyssey and in fact, ran out of episodes.  My kids loved them and got lost in the stories.  The stories gave us the opportunity to discuss science, history and the Christian faith.

Jonathan Park Adventures

jonathan park logo

Although my children are grown, my grandchildren are at the age where I am beginning to introduce audio books and stories. Recently, when I first heard about the Jonathan Park Adventures, I had to take a closer look.   Founded nearly 15 years ago, the company was purchased by Wise King Media in 2015.  Prior to that it was owned as a radio ministry.  Growing strong,  Jonathan Park has sold over 2 Million “albums”.

The Jonathan Park Audio Adventures are “full of faith-building and education evidence for a Creator”  The stories are action-packed and topics include science, history and biblical truths. You can purchase them individually for 39.99 which includes over 5 hours of listening time or as a monthly pass for just 9.99 to allow unlimited listening which includes 120+ Episodes of over 52 hours of listening  ”

jonathan park unlimited

If you purchase the “albums” separately, you may choose to add a Study Guide with 15 – 27 pages of:

jonathan park study guide

Study and Review Questions
Faith-Building Facts
Comprehensive Science
Engaging Activities

The Unlimited package includes the Study Guides plus access to new audios every month. 

An included phone app allows you to listen from anywhere – goodbye long, boring car rides with children asking “when will we be there!”.

jonathan park app

While I wish that these audio adventures were available when my children were small, I’m excited for my purchase of the Unlimited pass to introduce my grandchildren to fun, fascinating stories packed with biblical truth.

If you have young ones or young grandchildren, I encourage you to take a listen to the Jonathan Park Audio Adventures.  You and your children will be entertained while reinforcing God’s promises and the gospel.

If you are a fan of Jonathan Park, what is your favorite album? Which should be next on our listening list?  If you are not, yet familiar with Jonathan Park, which of the albums are you most excited to listen to?

If you are looking for wholesome movies, documentaries and more, be sure to check out Pure Flix, the Christian version of Netflix. My husband and I are subscribers and love it!

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