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How Serving Others As A Couple Blesses A Marriage

How Serving Others As A Couple Blesses A Marriage 4

Serving Others Together In my book, The God Centered Marriage: Honoring Him Through Your Marriage, I talk about a lot of things that can bless a marriage or hurt a marriage. One of the best ways to strengthen a marriage is to share joint experiences. What better way to share joint experiences is there than […]

The Importance of Getting Away With Your Spouse

The Importance of Getting Away With Your Spouse, vacations, time alone with your spouse

Getting Away With Your Spouse We all know that getting away with your spouse is very important, but if you’re like me finding the time can prove difficult. Do we have the money? Can we find a good babysitter for the kids? Will it fit into our work vacation days? These questions and others seem […]

Sex In A Christian Marriage What The Bible Says And Doesnt Say


Sex in a Christian marriage is a beautiful, God-designed act. It is not only for procreation, but for pleasure. God created sex in a Christian marriage for us to have physical, spiritual and emotional intimacy with our partners.   I’ve received several emails on what is ok and what is not ok when it comes […]

Baseball, Love & Marriage: Teamwork Designed by God

Baseball, Love & Marriage

Baseball, Love & Marriage   My husband and I are both big baseball fans. I have always rooted for the New York Yankees and Mike is a Kansas City Royals fan. Baseball teams, in some ways, are like marriages. There are leaders (the Manager on a team and the husband in a marriage) and teammates […]