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Mimi Sagadin

As we continue with our interviews of the lead actresses in the upcoming film release, Summer of ’67, today, we meet with Mimi Sagadin.  Mimi is a seasoned actress, a Christian woman and an inspiration to all.

Before we dive into the chat with Mimi, you’ll want to know more about Summer of ’67.  This is a beautiful movie that is a snapshot of the women “back home” while their men are serving in the Vietnam War.

You can see the trailer below.

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Mimi Sagadin in Summer of '67


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My interview with the lovely writer and director Sharon Wilharm, will be published in the coming weeks as well as a full review of the movie. Stay tuned!

Summer of 67 is releasing on June 29 at:
Regal Cinemas Hollywood 27 & RPX in Nashville, Tennessee! The Red Carpet premiere is on June 30. Tickets will be available on Fandango…..the trailer is up on their site already.

Mimi Sagadin

Mimi’s acting career began over twenty-five years ago in improv and sketch comedy, performing on many different stages in Chicago, including children’s shows at the infamous Second City.

Aware of the strong influence media had on the culture, she began to actively pursue a film career, a dream she’d had since she was a young girl. Over the years God has graciously opened doors to that calling. She has worked on numerous films, from small indies to big budget Hollywood films.

Mimi is passionate about using her craft to positively impact audiences, and loves sharing her film experience to encourage the next generation to be Ambassadors for Christ within the industry.

She had the honor of portraying Corrie ten Boom in the award-winning film Return to the Hiding Place opposite John Rhys-Davies (Lord of the Rings and Raiders of the Lost Ark). Other notable film credits include Halfway with Quinton Aaron (The Blind Side), Princess Cut, and the upcoming Vietnam War drama Summer of ’67.

Here are some highlights from our chat:


Hi, I’m Sue with Woman of Noble Character and I’m so happy to have with us today Mimi Sagadin. Mimi is one of the actresses, the Lead Actress in the movie summer of 67’. So Mimi Welcome! We’re so happy to have you with us today. Why don’t you tell our audience a little bit about You, Your career, and your life?


Well,  I pray to be on God’s own Heart, I love Jesus. I am married for 32 years.


Mimi Sagadin

Ah, wonderful.


I’m the mother of two sons. 27 and 24 and I had been privileged to follow my Heart. God gave the desire to follow to be an actress. And to fulfill that dream, it was a little girl dream that I had that I never shared till I was much older, in life. And I met a friend in a Christian Coffee House, and she encouraged me to pursue acting and I had never heard that before… Prior to that. You know I, was 18 when I heard about the Jesus saving us. Dying on the Cross for me personally and I knew that growing up but I never really experienced who Jesus was. I heard about him  but I never knew him. And so, prior to meeting my friend in this Christian Coffee has some had back tracking I committed my life to the Lord and somebody shared that. Witnessed me while I was at barber school, I’m actually a licensed barber. And Cut men’s hair, I still do it for over many many decades. And so when I was in Barber school, a dear friend who I know till this day witnessed me and so I accepted Christ as my Savior. It gave me a change in my life because now I didn’t want to hang out with and do things I was doing, you know, prior to being a Christian, you know I was truly, you know, looking for new friends and a new way to be a young person and have a good time without hitting the bars, you know, so. I went to a Christian coffee house and this is where I met my best friend to this day who was an actress at this Christian coffee house and they did original dramas. Original bible story dramas. Musicals actually.


And do it to share the Gospel, and well, and Impact the cast and the crew with your prayers that’s fantastic.


It’s a ministry, and, But yeah, It’s, it’s come so naturally, and what I, I mean being cast as Corrie Ten Boom was a miracle. It was just really serving a living God, because it makes no sense. But for me to, to portray and be cast as this Christian Giant, and yet it’s in a movie, and so it’s both of my desires, you know be an actress, you know, for the Lord, and portray this Christian giant, it truly was a Moses in the mountain moment. You know being in the presence of God I really felt, the Presence of God, like I never felt before. Because the opportunity to be offered to the role was truly a gift given from My Lord and, and to this day I, think… how did he choose me, so I’m really Grateful for that. 


Is your family supportive of your acting career?


Yes! It took a while. But you know for them to be (onboard) It’s looked at more as like a hobby. You don’t make a living at it, unless you’re a one percent.of Hollywood. It’s not done for the money, It’s done for the love of the craft and as a calling as a Christian, so. Yes, My husband is supportive, I think of when He, He, heard that I wanted to be an ambassador for Christ In arts, in film, and in theater. but I think when I was cast as Corrie Ten Boom, that really solidified and confirm to him as well. That, it truly was from God.

You can watch the full interview below:

Here is the link to the Christian Arts Conference that Mimi mentions in the interview. It’s where she got her calling to go forward as Christ’s ambassador in  film and theater.
Mimi Sagadin

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