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Cleaning, ugh!  It’s a necessary evil.  After all, we have humans (often messy ones!) living in our homes.  Most of us try to keep up on the basics. You know, the dusting, vacuuming, dishes, etc, but often forget about the little things that tend to pile up or get worse over time such as purging old magazines or cleaning behind the refrigerator.  To help you stay on top of these things without losing your mind, I’ve created a Monthly Cleaning Checklist for you.

And when it comes, it finds the house swept and put in order. Luke 11_25 Monthly Cleaning Checklist free printable Bible verses about cleaning

And when it comes, it finds the house swept and put in order. 

Luke 11:25 

Print it out and keep it in your home binder, if you have one or even on the side of the fridge. Each month, set aside a few extra minutes to tackle the items on that month’s list (don’t worry, there’s only a couple to do each month so as not to be overwhelming!).  As you get through the months and items on the monthly cleaning checklist, you will make your way around your home getting things spic and span.

I usually choose one Saturday that’s not as busy as the rest in the month and tackle them all in less than an hour while I do my regular weekly cleaning.

Monthly Cleaning Checklist free printable Bible verses about cleaning


In addition, I choose one room per week to focus on.  For example, if I choose the kitchen, I’ll list all of the cleaning and organizing tasks for that room, and write two on my daily to-do list each day.  By the end of the week, that room is cleaned and organized and I don’t need to worry about it again for another month apart from basic cleaning, such as dishes or wiping the counters down. Things on my kitchen to do list include:

  • Polish cabinets
  • Purge/organize pantry
  • Clean coffee maker
  • Magic eraser walls/doors
  • Bleach the sink
  • Run dog bowls through the dishwasher

These are the secret weapons that I use to stay on top of the daily and monthly cleaning.

Monthly cleaning checklist monthly cleaning checklist

Click the link below to download and print your monthly cleaning checklist. (while the photos above are a bit blurry due to resizing, the PDFs are clear)

Monthly Cleaning Checklist

If you need a daily planner and to do list, I’ve got those for you, too!  Find them HERE.

If you have any questions, just holler! I’m here to help.

Because of Him,


Monthly Cleaning Checklist

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