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How To Set Up an Effective Home Office Filing System

home office organization

Whether you have an actual home office or use a part of your bedroom or dining room or other room for your personal paperwork, you’ll want to get and keep it organized before it gets out of control. If it is already out of control, not to worry, I have compiled my best tips for […]

Creative Nightstand Organization Tips and Solutions

nightstand organization, how to organize your nightstand

Nightstand Organization Tips. Most bedrooms are short on storage space. Sure, you have your dresser and closet, but most of us rely on our nightstands for your nightly glass of water, reading glasses, books, the remote and more. Before I share some of my favorite bedroom nightstand organization tips, we need to start at the beginning […]

The Surprising Link Between Clutter and Depression

The Link Between Clutter and Depression

The Link Between Clutter and Depression Clutter and depression. It’s been proven that a cluttered home can equal a cluttered mind. Dishes in the sink, piles of laundry strewn about, STUFF on every surface. It’s no wonder that we can feel down and depressed.   The Link Between Clutter and Depression Researchers at UCLA’s Center […]

Two Easy Approaches for Organizing Your Emails

How To Organize Your Email

Organizing your emails. Email, ugh! Our inbox seems to pile up to an overwhelming size. Subscriptions, optins, bills, promotions, notifications and the occasional email from a friend (that is like the prize at the bottom of a Cracker Jack box!). Staying on top of it without missing something important can take chunks of our time. […]

Organizing Your Photos the Safe Way – Digital and Printed

organizing your photos

  Organizing your photos –  both digital and printed, can seem like a daunting task, but today I’ll share with you steps and tips to make the project more manageable and, maybe even fun. You may have digital photos or you may still have boxes of photos that you have printed. Let’s tackle each one […]