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25 Bible Verses for Children to Memorize

Children in a circle looking down at the camera - Bible Verses for Children to Memorize

As a parent, you want nothing more than for your children to grow in God’s Word. Use these 25 Bible verses for children to memorize to help your children, whether toddler to elementary school age to teen, grow in knowledge of God’s truth with these verses for them to hide in their hearts.   Why […]

Moving from Anger to Gentleness in Motherhood

Moving From Anger to Gentleness in Motherhood - an image of a mother hugging her daughter in a field of yellow flowers

Join me as I welcome Patty H Scott to the blog this week as she writes about Moving From Anger to Gentleness in Motherhood.   It took me years to talk openly about anger. I grew up in a home where my parents didn’t exhibit self-control. Their fear and lack of parenting tools led them […]

Three Benefits of Family Devotions, 11 Tips and Top Family Devotion Books

Establishing a habit of family devotions can be tough. With school, work, activities and appointments, but, with some creative planning, it is a worthwhile investment into your family’s walk with God.   Teaching your kids about Jesus is one of our greatest responsibilities as parents.   God instructed the Israelites: “These commandments that I give […]

When Taking Away The Phone Doesn’t Work, Try These 4 Things

taking away the phone parenting

When Taking Away the Phone Doesn’t Work, Try These 4 Things Teens love their phones, so taking them away is the perfect punishment, right? Wrong! Taking away the phone doesn’t seem to have any effect on changing a teen’s behavior, especially one that shows a pattern of defiance. It could be because they can always […]

12 Surprising Benefits Of Family Mealtimes

Family mealtimes

Since the day my children were born, we have made it an important family practice to share meals together everyday.   When they were younger, and involved in sports and other activities, this often meant eating dinner at 4:30pm or even 8:00pm, but family dinnertime was non negotiable.   Now that my children are grown […]