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Rachel Schrey

Rachel Schrey


I recently had the wonderful opportunity to interview actress Rachel Schrey, one of the lead actresses in the upcoming film, Summer of ’67.  Rachel has an amazing story to tell.  She is talented, smart, savvy and has a beautiful testimony to our Heavenly Father.  He orchestrated her career in film and television and her journey through a breast cancer diagnosis and recovery.

I love this sweet and gifted woman!

Before we dive into the chat with Rachel, you’ll want to know more about Summer of ’67.  This is a beautiful movie that is a snapshot of the women “back home” while their men are serving in the Vietnam War.


Rachel Schrey


Here’s how Rachel describes it:

It’s set is the backdrop of the Vietnam war and it’s basically it’s the war story told from the perspective of the women who were left behind so it’s about three women that were connected by family and what happens as their men go off to fight.

A trailer for the film is below.  Watch for release dates on the film’s website and social media:


Summer of ’67 Website and Social Media

Summer of ’67 website

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If you missed my interview with Bethany Davenport, Kate, in the film, you can find it HERE.

Interviews with the remaining to actresses, Sharrone Lanier and Mimi Sagadin, as well as director Sharon Wilharm, will be published in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!


Rachel Schrey

Rachel Schrey

Rachel Schrey is an actor and screenwriter based out of Nashville, TN. She is best known for her role as Milly in the film Summer of ’67 (2018). Her interest in film began at a very young age when she wrote scripts and asked her friends if they would be a part of her cast. They made countless “movies” using the family video camera. Rachel began formally training in video production and acting after graduating from Virginia Tech with a degree in Animal Science. She has been married for over two years and is a breast cancer survivor. She was diagnosed and had major surgery three weeks before beginning filming for Summer of 67. Now, she continues to enjoy an active lifestyle and regularly blogs to share her experience of going through breast cancer. She just completed filming a short film that she wrote, produced/directed, and acted in, and is slated to begin shooting another feature film this coming summer.


Rachel Schrey

Some Highlights from My Interview with Rachel Schrey:

Sue: What made you decide to go to a film school in Australia?

Rachel: Well, I always wanted to travel. At that point I had never been out of the country, and Australia was a place that I was always interested in. And so, I just thought, you know I’m done with college, and I hadn’t gotten married out of college like I thought for sure was gonna happen, and nothing was holding me anywhere. Now is the time if I’m going to go on this adventure. My parents were stunned but really supportive. I was twenty-four at the time, and I packed up my stuff and took a leap and went. I was there for a year. It was the craziest year–it was really hard and really good and I learned so much. I’m so glad I went. So yeah, it was just a crazy thing.

Sue: What a great experience, and clearly got God’s providence because that’s where you got your husband.

Rachel: Yes, I felt for sure when I was going and preparing to be there…I felt really sure in my heart, like I just know I’m going to meet my husband there. I thought he was going to be an Aussie. He’s German.


Rachel Schrey


Sue: Would you tell our audience a little bit about your testimony of faith?

Rachel: So I grew up in a Christian home, and I’ve always been a Christian. The Lord has just helped me so much in my life–I actually struggled with anxiety really badly when I was younger–and the Lord has showed me how to get amazing victory over that. I’ll never forget what he taught me with how to take authority over your thought life and be just being able to get freedom from that. And then, like you and I chatted about, I was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. The Lord walked me through that so amazingly. I’ve had so much redemption from that, so much healing and so much freedom after being in such a dark place. I don’t believe that any of that came from him. I don’t believe that he put that on me, but that it was a horrible attack of the enemy. He turned it around into a victory, and that’s just the God we serve. Only God can do that. And I feel like I’ve won. I feel like I’m stronger than I was before, and I’m cancer free now. Praise God.
Sue: Praise God, Absolutely.

Rachel: He’s just given me an incredible testimony of restoration through that.

Sue: In the movie you play the role of Milly, is that correct?

Rachel: Yes.


Rachel Schrey Summer of '67


Sue: Okay, tell us a little bit about Milly.

Rachel: So Milly is a wife and a mom. And she’s also pregnant most of the movie. She’s got a younger sister named Kate–I actually also have a younger sister named Kate, but yeah! It’s basically about her and her journey with these unexpected things that happen. You know, I think many of the ladies back then…well, they knew the war was happening obviously, but a lot of women didn’t know if their husbands were going to be called upon to fight or not. Those circumstances alone feel very out of control. So it’s about her journey figuring out how is she going to respond in the face of these circumstances that are just…like her life is going into a whirlwind. And it’s about her discovery of what she’s going to lean on and how’s she’s going to react. I think she’s really a representation (like all three of the ladies) of all the ladies who went through that in the sixties. It was an honor to play that role because I really wanted to give honor to the military families in America who went through that, and who are still going through that. They really give so much. 

For the complete interview including more about Rachel, her life, faith and career, check out the full interview below:


Rachel Schrey’s Acting and Filmmaking Resume Includes:

Summer of ’67, Milly. 2018

Remnant 13 (TV Series – Pilot), Emma Gracely. 2018

The Renewing (Short), Keri. 2016

Hounds of Zaroff, Rachel Stalward. 2015

Mindfield (Short), Rebekah. 2015

She has produced, written and directed some of her own content as well as performed stunts for several roles.

Her short film, “Kaziah,” is in post-production at the moment.  You can find the trailer at this LINK.

If you want to read more about her journey with breast cancer, be sure to check out her blog!


Rachel Schrey
Rachel Schrey as Emma Gracely in the Television Pilot Remnant 13

Where to Find Rachel Schrey Online:

Rachel’s Blog, Lionhearted


Isn’t Rachel just a delight?  I’m so excited to see how God will use her and to watch all of her career success!
Because of Him,

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