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Sharon Wilharm

Over the past few months, I’ve been sharing interviews that I’ve done with the four lead actresses of the upcoming movie, Summer of ’67. Today, it is my absolute pleasure to share my interview with the director of that fabulous movie, Sharon Wilharm and share where you can watch the movie. (You can find the previous interviews here:  Bethany Davenport who portrays Kate, Sharonne Lanier who portrays Ruby Mae, Rachel Schrey who portrays Milly, and Mimi Sagadin who portrays Joanna)

Sharon is an absolute delight.  Her talents extend from writing to directing and from producing to ministry.  Her story is an amazing one, with God evident at every turn.

Before we jump into the interview, here’s a bit about Sharon Wilharm:

Sharon Wilharm

Sharon Wilharm Bio

Sharon Wilharm is a female filmmaker, blogger, and speaker based out of Nashville, Tennessee. She and husband Fred Wilharm made their first film in 1999 followed by six more feature films. Their films have garnered over a hundred festival accolades, screened around the world, aired on multiple television networks, and sold in bookstores and online outlets throughout the U.S., Australia, and Canada. Sharon’s latest film Summer of ’67 Summer of ’67 (2018) releases theatrically June, 29, 2018.

Sharon has received numerous film festival awards including “Shibboleth Award” for Visionary Leadership in the Field of Christian Film Making” – Truth Awards, “Best Director” and “Best Female Director” -GloryReelz Christian Film, “Best Director” Christian Film Festival, and nominated for “Best Director” at International Christian Film Festival and the Truth Awards. She and Fred were honored with four ICVM Crown Awards including Best Youth Film (bronze), Best Evangelistic (silver), Best Feature Film Under $250,000 (gold), and Best Picture (bronze).

In addition to her work as a filmmaker, Sharon is the author/editor of Faith Flix, a web zine blog that provides education, inspiration, and encouragement for independent Christian filmmakers. Sharon is a member of Christian Women in Media, Nashville Faith in Film Breakfast group, and a featured speaker at Christian Women Speakers. She teaches filmmaking, marketing, and screenwriting at film festivals and writing conferences across the country.

Some Highlights from the Interview with Sharon Wilharm


I’m so happy to have you here! So why don’t you tell our audience a little bit about you, your career, your life.


Okay, Well, First of all I call myself an accidental filmmaker.  Growing up I was a bookworm, And I didn’t really had interest in movies, we would watch the Sunday Disney movies that came on at Sunday night , that was the extent of my movies. And, I thought I was going to the ministry and you know I think I was going to be a Preacher or I go into Missionary or whatever. But then God brought a business man to my life and made it very clear that this is the one I was supposed to marry, And I remember walking down the aisle, feeling so confused, going like “You know God I don’t get it!”  I’m supposed to be, either going in the ministry, I’m supposed to be a missionary. And I’m marrying a man who owns a business. This make no sense and whatsoever! What I really didn’t realize at the time is that, well I knew he had majored in Broadcast Communications and he never have done anything with it. And I didn’t realize, He had a dream for making movies. And so in 1999 he started working on about a documentary, about we just moved to this really quiet small historic town, lived in a historic house and he thought it would be really cool to make a documentary about this town. And I don’t know exactly, neither one of us really know exactly how it happened but somehow or another his little documentary turned into a faith based film, with me writing, directing and starring in it. And I have no clue what I was doing, it was that. but you know we learned a lot. And also you know I’ve said I’ll never do it again, and then later on God said yes were going to try it again. But this time why don’t you, like, maybe study and learn something too. And then that’s how I fell into filmmaking.


And there’s your ministry, just maybe not in the form that you had anticipated or dreamed about.

Sharon Wilharm



It is really is. At some point, our Last movie “Providence”  yeah our last two movies were little silent movies. It’s so funny that God took somebody who wanted to speak to the world and had make two silent movies. And then those silent movies have really reached farther than anything else we’ve done. They’ve screened all over the world, “Providence” was in AMC in Times Square and in LA. And at some point while were travelling around the country with this movie and I’m standing up there speaking to a large crowd of people about the movie and it hits me. Wait a second, this is what God called me to do, and he’s taking my movie to places that I would have never gone and he’s speaking to people that I would have never met. And so it’s interesting the God you know, he did that.


It’s amazing, you know I’ve talked about this with my audience a lot. But we know what we think where our dreams are taking us. And when, God closes the door, we feel derailed or discouraged. But that’s where we really need to take all of our faith, He has something much greater in mind that we could ever imagine.

Watch the interview and learn more about his beautiful, inspiring film which will take you back to the summer of ’67 and the talented woman behind the movie:

Where you can find Sharon Wilharm 

Summer of ’67

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to prescreen this film.  Summer of ’67 was beautifully made.  The characters are rich, the costuming true to the period and the storyline unique.  There are numerous films about the Vietnam war told from the perspective of those who fought, but Summer of ’67 brings us inside the hearts and minds of the women left stateside while their men are serving.

Each of the women copes with the situation differently.  Fear, anger, rebellion, faith are all woven into the dramatic unfolding of Summer of ’67.  The movie honors both our men serving and their loved ones at home.

I strongly encourage you to find a local viewing and have a date night with your husband. After the movie, use the time to talk about how each of you would respond if faced with a war or enlistment.

The movie has had some rave reviews.  To read the reviews and news about this beautifully told, wartime story, visit the News and Reviews page on the Summer of ’67 website HERE

You can see the trailer below.

Summer of ’67 Website and Social Media

Summer of ’67 website

Summer of ’67 on Facebook

Summer of ’67 on Twitter

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Summer of ’67 on Pinterest 

Sharon Wilharm

Where you Can Find Summer of  ’67

For a complete list of viewings and release dates and to see when Summer of ’67 is coming to your area, see the regularly updated list HERE.

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