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The Road to Heaven board game

The Road to Heaven Board Game

Through a friend, I was made aware of the Bible based board game The Road to Heaven, created by Denise Migliacco.  Immediately, I knew that I wanted to not only add this game to our family’s board game “stash”, but to review it for my readers.

When I reached out to the creator, Denise, she generously offered to send me the game to check out. (Read to the bottom of the post to enter to win your own copy of The Road to Heaven Board Game!)

The game is high quality in material as well as content.  Intended for ages 8 and up (really, as long as the player can read, they can play!), this game is fun, interactive and educational.

Before I get into my review, let’s look at the story behind The Road to Heaven board game: (Read about the game and enter to win the gameat the bottom of this post!)


The Road to Heaven Board Game Family

The Story of The Road to Heaven Board Game

Denise shared that she created the game because she wanted to do something to serve and honor God. She figured this would be a fun way to bring believers and non believers to the Lord and away from their cell phones and electronics. She wanted to focus on the family and bring them back to the table. As she says “These days, we have gotten away from spending time together and enjoying each other”.

From concept to actually manufacturing the game was an 8 year process. She wanted to make sure the game was 100% biblical, fun and included many ways to learn bible trivia and see what it means to truly live a Christian life.

She explains that “This is not a religious game but a bible based Christian game”.

“How the game is played represents the obstacles we face in every day life. For example, we experience worldliness which represents when we live for the world and our possessions, instead of honoring God. We experience blessings, forgiveness and temptations every day”

The Road to Heaven Board Game

Our Experience Playing The Road to Heaven Board Game

When my husband and I sat down to play the The Road to Heaven Board Game, we didn’t know what to expect.  We took everything out of the box and read the directions.  I recommend reading the directions once, then again once you have the game set up.

Each player is given an “earth holder”, a cross and two player tokens.  They then draw a Bible Book Card.  This card is not only important to the game play, but determines who will go first.

The Road to Heaven Board Game

The object of the game is to get both of your player tokens into heaven.

As each player rolls the set of 10-sided dice, he or she moves around the board and lands on various spaces and must follow the directions represented by the space (The Tips & Reminders cards for each player really helped us as we referred to it regularly to learn what we needed to do on each space).

The spaces include:

  • Lamb’s Book
  • Forgiveness
  • Worldliness
  • Blessing
  • Knowledge
  • Hallelujah
  • Repent
  • Sacrifice
  • Temptation

While we did get a bit confused playing with two tokens each, after rereading the directions, we figured it out.  The game is not difficult to learn, does not require strategy and is fun to play for all ages.

The Road to Heaven Board Game


When you land on a Knowledge card, you are asked a multiple choice question about something that occurs in the Bible.  Once you answer the question, you look up the answer in the included Bible (NKJV) to see if you were right or wrong.  The knowledge card doesn’t provide the answer, but gives the corresponding Bible verse to find the answer.  We loved this aspect of the game as it really helped to increase or reaffirm Bible knowledge.

Throughout the game, you may be tempted – just as in life.  When you land on a temptation space, you have the choice to do nothing or take a risk to gain a reward – or punishment.  

The Road to Heaven board game


There are so many fun and interesting actions to complete as you go through The Road to Heaven board game. 

I highly recommend this game for couples, families, church groups and events – for everyone!


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To learn more about the game or to order, visit their website and be sure to follow them on social media.

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