Workshops for Christian Women

I’m thrilled to offer workshops for Christian women focusing on areas central to our daily life and faith.  Upcoming workshops on Christian marriage, managing your home, and your walk with God are scheduled in the coming months.

Our first of the workshops for Christian women is:

God’s Design for Marriage Workshop

God’s design for marriage is a beautiful blueprint laid out in Scripture, but do you ever wonder why marriage can be so dang hard at times?

In this interactive workshop, we’ll explore how God created man and women to be unique, but complimentary creatures and take a look at His design for marriage.  We’ll also dive into three important ways that you can put Him at the center of your marital union.

With discussion, personal stories and practical guidance, you’ll walk away with a plan to keep your eyes on Christ as you navigate daily living as a wife in today’s world.

The workshop includes a workbook with action steps and a study guide for you use to prayerfully consider the role God plays in your marriage and how to make Him the center of it.

There will also be time for Q & A and a giveaway, too!

This 90 minute workshop is the perfect way to recommit your marriage to the Lord and grow closer to both your husband and God.

For one low price, you get access to the workshop, a workbook and study guide, Q & A and discounts on other Woman of Noble Character offerings.  PERFECT for the busy Christian woman who wants to dig deeper into one area of her walk with God and marriage when you don’t have much time.

We will only be offering this workshop once or twice a year and you don’t want to miss it.  Can’t make it live?  The recording and workbook will be sent to all participants.

What do I need to participate?

A willing heart, something to write on and something to write with.

So…when is it?  Tuesday, July 10th at 10 am CST.

To register, click the link below (the cost of 14.99 includes the 90 minute interactive workshop and workbook plus a few extra bonuses)

 After completing the purchase, you will be emailed a link for the workshop and the workbook.

If you are looking for a complete, self-study course on The God Centered Marriage or Mission Field Blueprint, see those pages.

For my book, The God Centered Marriage, find it on Amazon by clicking the book image below.