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Naomi and Ruth: 10 Tips to Be a Better Daughter-in-Law

Two women together with a text overlay reading Naomi and Ruth - Tips to Be a Better Daughter in law

Naomi and Ruth – A Unique Relationship Naomi and Ruth. What a beautiful story of loyalty and love! Listen to any group of women talking and invariably you will hear quips about someone’s mother-in-law. Mother’s-in-law get a bad rap. Some deservedly so, other’s not so much. In a man’s life, the two most important people […]

The Tribe of Levi

An image of the Jewish priest in the Holy Place - The Tribe of Levi

Continuing our series on the Twelve Tribes of Israel (We have previously shared the Tribe of Reuben and the Tribe of Simeon), today, we turn our attention to the Tribe of Levi, often considered the “chosen tribe” Who was Levi in the Bible?   Levi, the third-born son to Jacob, mothered by Leah, and the […]

9 Practical Ways to Feed Your Soul with the Word of God

A woman in a field of flowers looking upward and laughing and a text overlay that says Practical Ways to Feed Your Soul with the Word of God

Your soul needs to be fed. If you’re not intentional about healthy ways to feed your soul with the Word of God, you might find yourself spiritually starving.    I’ve been there. I know I need to feed my soul, but life happens and I allow myself a few days of grace. Those days turn […]

Wine in the Bible: Symbolism and Uses in Scripture

An image of a wine glass with a pink filter and text that says Wine in the Bible: Its Symbolism and Uses

In biblical times, water was often scarce, so wine became a necessity, rather than a luxury. It was equated with life. (For other food symbolism in the Bible, see these posts:  Milk in the Bible and Bread in the Bible)   Wine, along with grain and oil represented Gods covenant blessings promised to Israel for […]